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Global Logistics Courses

Global Logistics Diploma - Full Upfront Payment

$ 540.00

Full Upfront Payment US$540

Global Logistics Diploma - Monthly Payment Plan

$ 110.00

Six monthly payments of US$110 (For part time students ...

Payment Terms:

Global Logistics Diploma - Pay as You Go Payment Plan

$ 70.00

Pay as You Go Payment Plan of US$70 Per Module (For this ...

Payment Terms:

Logistics Terminology Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Glossary of industry terms.

Logistics and Global Trade Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Origins of Logistics, Global Logistics, Global Trade ...

International Trade Law and Sales Contracts Certificate Course

$ 70.00

What is International Trade, Law in International Trade, ...

Incoterms 2020 Certificate Course

$ 120.00

The use of Incoterms eliminates inconsistencies in language ...

International Payments Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Methods of Payment, Documentary Collection, Letter of ...

Logistics in the Economy and Organisation Certificate Course

$ 70.00

The importance of Logistics, The Role of Logistics in the ...

Importing, Exporting and Transportation Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Procedures for Importing and Exporting, Transportation, ...

Warehousing and Inventory Management Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Warehousing - types of warehouses, location of warehouses, ...

Purchasing and Materials Flow Management Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Purchasing in the Supply Chain - purchasing activities, ...

Management and Control of Logistics Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Information Systems for Logistics - customer order cycle, ...

Supply Chain Management Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Supply Chain Management, Implementing Logistics Strategy, ...

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