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Maritime Shipping Courses

Maritime Shipping Diploma - Full Upfront Payment

$ 440.00

Full Upfront Payment US$440

Maritime Shipping Diploma - Monthly Payment Plan

$ 100.00

Five Monthly Payments of US$100 (For part time students ...

Payment Terms:

Maritime Shipping Diploma - Pay as You Go Payment Plan

$ 70.00

Pay as You Go Payment Plan of US$70 per Module (For this ...

Payment Terms:

Shipping Terminology Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Glossary of industry terms.

International Trade and Maritime Shipping Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Early days of commercial shipping, International trade and ...

Containerisation Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Liner trade, Container types, Freight and charges, Packing ...

Vessels, Cargo Types and Transport Modes Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Vessel types, Cargo types, Break bulk shipping, Bulk ...

International Contracts and Payments Certificate Course

$ 70.00

International trade law, Contract of affreightment, ...

International Customs and Shipping Documents Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Enquiry documents, Instruction documents, Transport ...

Shipping Role Players Certificate Course

$ 70.00

Exporter and importer, Ocean carriers and ship owners, ...

Incoterms 2020 Certificate Course

$ 120.00

The use of Incoterms eliminates inconsistencies in language ...

Maritime Shipping Foundation Certificate Course

$ 140.00

This certificate course will cover the basics of Global ...

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